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One Hundred Contributions.

One Hundred Attorneys.


of a Legal Revolution.



100 Proof is a campaign to support the tuition for the Prison to Law Pipeline's

 next cohort of incarcerated juris doctorate scholars.

We are looking for
100 attorneys
from across the country
to support the tuition 
for our next


Nobody warrants access to legal education more than someone who has been directly impacted by legal processes and racialized legal outcomes. 


Though paralegal programs and law libraries are prevalent in most prisons across America, ABA-approved paralegal degrees are not, and, to our knowledge, there had never been an ABA-accredited law degree offered behind bars in the United States—until The Legal Revolution.

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Maureen & Jeff, the first ever incarcerated juris doctorate scholars. Class of 2026.

The Prison to Law Pipeline

Putting the keys to the law in the hands of those most impacted by it. 

This is what fuels our Prison to Law Pipeline, a program of The Legal Revolution

 that is facilitating juris doctorate degrees for those behind bars

in partnership with Mitchell Hamline School of Law. 

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