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One Hundred Attorneys.

One Hundred Contributions.

Proof of a Legal Revolution.

We are looking for 100 attorneys from across the country to support the tuition for our next incarcerated and formerly incarcerated 
juris doctorate students.

100 Proof is a campaign to support the tuition for the Legal Revolution's incarcerated and formerly incarcerated juris doctorate scholars.

Help make it happen.

Suggested donation amounts are below:


attorneys have contributed


Progress to Goal

100 Attorneys


100 Proof is a campaign to support the tuition for the Legal Revolution's incarcerated and formerly incarcerated juris doctorate scholars.

Julie Matonich, Esquire
Chris Pham, Esquire
Sally Dahlquist, Esquire
Tom Letscher, Esquire
Sheila Letscher, Esquire
Yastril Nañez, Esquire
Luisa Surmak, Esquire
Maya Markovich, Esquire
Steve Stark, Esquire

Sebastian Ellefson, Esquire

Perry Moriearty, Esquire

Kyle Hofmann, Esquire

Russell Squire, Esquire

Joseph Heegaard, Esquire

Susan Coler, Esquire

Jessica Godes,Esquire

Tim Morrow, Esquire


Lynne McMullen, Esquire

Jill Slipper Scholtz, Esquire
Kira Kelley, Esquire
Sam Hanson, Esquire
Jessica Godes, Esquire
Emily Baxter, Esquire
Patrice Kloss, Esquire
Chris Freeman, Esquire

Andrea Jepsen, Esquire

Murray Sagsveen, Esquire

Nobody warrants access to legal education more than someone who has been directly impacted by legal processes and racialized legal outcomes.  Yet, despite the fact that law libraries are prevalent in most prisons across America, there had never been an ABA-accredited law or paralegal degree offered behind bars in the United States until the Prison to Law Pipeline.​


In August 2021, this Pipeline welcomed the first incarcerated paralegal students in partnership with North Hennepin College. In August 2022, the Pipeline welcomed the first incarcerated juris doctorate students in partnership with Mitchell Hamline School of Law.

Background on the

Prison to Law Pipeline

Maureen & Jeff, the first incarcerated juris doctorate scholars. Class of 2026.

Photo Credit: Emily Baxter

"If there's something you can do, even one thing, to ensure that humanity exists behind it."

— The late Albert Woodfox

As we continue to administer LSAT examinations in the prisons, the application process is underway with our partners at Mitchell Hamline Law School, who have clearance from the American Bar Association for two additional incarcerated JDs to start law school Fall 2024, 2025 and 2026.

We also have several formerly incarcerated scholars studying for the LSAT examination.

Who Are the Next Juris Doctorate Students?

Are There Paralegal Students?

In June 2023, our first cohort of 5 paralegal students from Stillwater and Shakopee prisons graduated with their ABA-approved paralegal degrees. In August 2023, we welcomed our second cohort of 9 students at Shakopee prison. Meet our scholars here!

1.  We believe there is nobody better equipped to help heal the legal system than incarcerated and formerly incarcerated legal practitioners who understand its flaws;

2.  We have been so energized by  the commitment from attorneys across the country who want to get involved and this is a powerful way to just that;

Why We Are Calling on Attorneys for

JD Tuition

3.  Tuition contributions directly from attorneys are PROOF to our scholars and to the world that incarcerated and formerly people are not only desired but also needed in the legal field;

4. Juris doctorate degrees aren't cheap ;)


Can I Donate if I'm Not an Attorney?









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