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12 Reasons to GCFL



Tis the Season! The gift that (legit) keeps on giving.

You got that right! With the holidays right around the corner, what could possibly be a better gift than will feed someone forever?  Dear Santa: hook me up with a GCFL!


Our grilled cheese is guilt-free.

Looking for a safe space to smash some comfort food?  Look no further!  We support you and your love for cheesy deliciousness. Our motto?  Don’t judge. Just eat.


Don’t let your neighbor outdo you!

We are all in this together, but a little neighborly competition never hurt anyone. Think it sucks to keep up with your neighbors’ immaculate garden?  Imagine what it will feel like when they flash their GCFL card. #getyours


Kids eat. A lot.  

Kids never stop eating. Like, ever. So buy them a GCFL so they can STFU (hahaha kidding). But for real, this thing will feed them until they pay their own bills. Heading to hockey? Hungry after a dance recital?  Whew. It’s a good thing you got them that GCFL.

Cheese: the great family unifier:

For the families who can’t agree on a damn thing, including sports, pastimes, and politics: we have your (gooey, cheesy) solution!


Pay once and eat forever.

By our calculation, it will take you a little over 150 grilled cheeses to ‘break even’. So, if you come in almost every day for 6 months, twice a day for 3 months (or eat two at a time) you’ll be well on your way to eating ‘free’ grilled cheese. Forever. You’re welcome.


Cheese in your belly trumps stuff in a landfill.  

Tired of finding storage space with gifts that you don’t want?  Suggest your loved ones give you a GCFL.  After all—there’s no plastic in cheese (at least not in our cheese).


Community investment.

We all have the opportunity to turn an amazing little corner into a buzzing hub for our community. And let’s be honest: the community that grilled cheeses together, succeeds together.



Pick up the bill—forever: 

Know someone down on their luck—for whom lifelong grilled cheese would be an amazing gift?  Think about rounding up some friends and spotting someone a GCFL.


Grilled cheese is for everyone. 

Suck it, caviar. All Square is a restaurant founded on inclusivity and giving a damn about people. All people. Plus, what do all people love?  Um, not sieved fish eggs.  #grilledcheeseplease


Because… grilled cheese. 

Much like your favorite pair of worn Levi’s, this is one sandwich that never gets old. #grilledcheeseforlife


Our sandwiches aren’t the only thing that’s square.

Did you know that our restaurant’s name—All Square—takes on a double meaning?!  Yeah, our sandwiches are all square. But we also believe that those who have paid their debts to society are all square—and free to move forward unencumbered. Get it? Sigh. What can we say, we’re crazy clever like that.


Homemade solutions.

There’s nothing like a community-fueled, cheese-infused solution that empowers people to overcome barriers. And that, dear friends, is exactly what our grilled cheese does. The best remedies (and recipes) are local!














Ready to Purchase Your GCFL?!

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