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Externships provided to Incarcerated Scholars


Impacted Minnesotans who received civil legal services


Criminal Records Expunged

Our law firm provides externships to currently incarcerated paralegal & law students and provides civil legal services to formerly and currently incarcerated people to eliminate the collateral effects of mass incarceration. 


Our Firm exists to ensure that those most impacted by the law lead the way in transforming the law—while working to eradicate the collateral effects of mass incarceration.

Revolutionizing the Legal Discipline

  • Our firm is the first in the country to provide legal externships to currently incarcerated scholars. Done in partnership with our Prison to Law Pipeline, these scholars gain tangible legal experience working on cases for clients in our community.

  • Our firm is a training ground for currently and formerly incarcerated scholars and legal practitioners, leveraging innovative ways for those with lived experience to engage in legal work with or without professional licensure.

  • We provide civil legal services to Pipeline Scholars, Fellows and formerly incarcerated Minnesotans. These services include, but are not limited to, pardons, commutations, driver’s license reinstatements, expungements, family reunification and business formation support. If you have questions about this service, please contact us.

  • Guided by community listening sessions, our firm plans to partner with private law firms to undertake impact litigation related to the collateral effects of mass incarceration.  


We’re grateful to Mitchell Hamline School of Law firm for joining our Legal Revolution movement. Student attorneys through the law school help expand our reach and we wouldn’t be as effective with our legal services and reach without them. 


If your law firm is interested in becoming an employment and/or externship partner of the Legal Revolution, please get in touch with us through the form below.

Employment & Externship Partnerships

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