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Remaining Memberships Available: 23



Pay once. Eat Forever.

$1,000 gets you grilled cheese for LIFE

Only 100 memberships available!

See why our favorite local actress, Lauren Anderson, is "Dearly Committed" to . . . GCFL!

What does GCFL stand for?

Grilled. Cheese. For. Life


How much is a GCFL membership?



So if I pay $1,000 once, I can get grilled cheese, anytime, forever?

Yep; nailed it.  Once we open, you can get our classic 3-cheese grilled cheese anytime, forever.


Can I eat more than one grilled cheese a day?

Only you can answer that question, but as far as we’re concerned, go for it!

*Note: gym membership not included.


It sounds cool, but if there are days when I want to try something other than the classic?

We have you covered.  For a flat fee of $3, you can upgrade to any of our gourmet varieties—which will also feature seasonally rotated and newly invented grilled cheese that we create in our lab (


Why should I buy a GCFL?

So glad you asked!  Check out our “12 reasons to GCFL” page.


What if I live to be 100?

Sounds like you’ll be getting a lot of free grilled cheese.


What if I die tomorrow?

That would be terrible! While GCFL is non-transferable, if you pass away within 90 days of purchase, we will work with your next of kin to make sure your GCFL lives on.


What if I move away?

We hope you’ll swing by to get grilled cheese whenever you’re back in town!


Where is All Square and when is it open?

All Square is located at 4047 Minnehaha Avenue, and we are currently open from 11a-9p Wed-Sun!


How long will it take me to get a return on my investment?

By our calculation, if you get our classic 4-cheese grilled cheese each time, it would take you a little over 150 grilled cheeses to ‘break even’.  So, if you come in almost every day for 6 months, twice a day for 3 months (or eat two at a time) you can truly be eating ‘free’ grilled cheeses pretty quickly. 


I hate to be a Debbie Downer, but what if All Square goes belly up?

But restaurants never go belly up!  (kidding)  We get it. There’s some risk involved. But we have done our due diligence to ensure this is a wildly successful community hub for years to come. And at the end of the day, your investment in us is going towards something much more important than grilled cheese: it’s directly helping to empower people to overcome barriers. PS: IF we weren’t to open at all, you will get your $1,000 back.

Since All Square is a nonprofit, can I deduct the $1,000 I spend on my GCFL?

No. Since you'll be receiving lifetime kickbacks (in the form of grilled cheese!), this membership is non-deductible.


Will this be offered annually?

Absolutely not!  This is a one-time campaign!  So if you live in the Twin Cities (or visit frequently) and love grilled cheese, we suggest you act fast. ;)

Ready to Purchase Your GCFL?!

Rather purchase through a human?!  Call or send us an email

and we'll hook you up!

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