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hi guys my name is sonata and today I'm going to be telling you about how I ruin assignment in two days and still gotta first though I do want to put out a few disclaimers first of all I'm only in first year second of all this assignment is only 2,000 words long and um I look I can't say that you can write a 10,000 word assignment in two days third of all I study international business and marketing I'm not saying that there's anything wrong with my degree or that my degree is like super easy but let's be real it's not the hardest degree ou there if you're trying to write like a medicine assignment in two days and good luck to you and my last disclaimer I'm not promoting this I'm not recommending it wasn't all happy and jolly writing for two days straight I have a lot of breakdowns I cr ed a lot I always slept for about two hours so I semi pulled an all-nighter to do this it\ wasn't a pleasant scene but it got done so that's a big disclaimer like if you're trying to avoid that stress and don't leave your assignment the end but I do think I have some great tips but I genuinely discovered some hot hacks and I think they might be helpful even if I'm trying to write an assignment in a normal amount of time.

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My first tip which isn't really that mind-blowing I'm gonna get onto the good stuff a bit later on my first tip is not to plan per se I think planning is an amazing thing to do but when you've only got two days planning is such a waste of time what I prefer to do is to like section out my assignment so because I knew it was 2,000 words long I knew I needed to include an introduction conclusion like all the middle bits so I sort of set myself categories with target word counts I think that just helped me stay focused not to waffle too much to make sure I hear the right amount worse so I don't go over or under because we don't want that another thing that helped me avoid was that moment where you just don't know it's right next to a my next tip and this is the one I would say what you say well I think it's quite juicy if other people know this then I'm going to feel a bit bit like a morgue but yes on my laptop's I might have to shave my laptop I'll show you how I do it but basically when you go on Google everyone hates about Google Scholar and like I'm sure Google's colors great but I I'm not that good at using it and when I only have two days to write something.

I'm not exactly gonna like teach myself how to use Google Scholar I discovered Google Books oh my god did this change everything even when I don't have a 2-day limit I use Google books because it saves you reading the whole book you can find exactly what you want you can have so many references that are like authentic because they are books or you let me show you you go on Google and you look up whatever your own box at the top here and you get a bunch of box ad-lib beauty of these box if they have previews every sample can see this book capitalism and freedom and let's go preview which is what we're looking for if it doesn't have preview unfortunately you can't use that book so you go on this and you pretty much have the whole book sometimes it does depend on the individual book how much you get we've got 27 pages which is great you may be wondering okay well how can I use it it's like how is it useful if you're looking for a specific like discussions or thing you can type in here in the search let's say you're looking to write something about China and there's all the pages and what you can do now is you can basically avoid.

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Reading the whole book and just jump to the sections that you can unfortunately not all these pages are available so this is a massive drawback but you kind of just make do with what you've got so you could tell these pages are available because they've got the direct link so basically you click on that page and now now you are pretty modern capitalism and there's a point about China and now you only have to read this bit and you can get your information obviously you can still look for journals and other stuff or I found that this was one of easiest ways for me to bide valid reference in it so now we've planned a say well we have found resources and stuff that we can use to reference our essay now how do we actually go about writing okay.

My next tip again this isn't groundbreaking but for some reason it feels groundbreaking and I just thought this is kind of did blow my mind I was like I'm a genius but I feel like not enough people use this and sometimes it's something so obvious you just forget about it the most useful thing but I found when writing my assignment is a thesaurus basically if you don't know what the source is it generates synonyms for the words that you are using there's two main roles I use the thesaurus a little really struggle save money that I used that for the first thing I used before was to make my language more elevators so for example if you arrive in a sentence which said I'm not saying this is true this is just an example globalization is a big issue in China instead of saying big you would find a synonym and instead of saying issue you would also find us in them and you can always like rephrase the sentence using these new big words always check the definitions of the words.

You are using sometimes there is synonym but there are different types in them so I would use a source and a dictionary combined so every time I find a new word especially if I didn't really know about it out you know I know it's such a simple thing but it genuinely helped so much and then the second thing that I used the synonym generator for which I thought was great I thought I was like I have genius just like you can use the synonym generator to make your language appear better you can take whatever is written in someone else's work so like whether it's a book a journal and you can use the synonym generator to change the wording and I would also recommend change the structure of the sentence because if you just literally word it word by word wipers in the book mmm I feel like two in my pickle now sometimes it's so hard to just find your own words to give a definition or to explain someone else's theory especially when you don't understand it yourself and you've not got time so like properly understand something and that she just reword whatever they said and I used a synonym generator to help me and by the way my plagiarism score for this assignment was 2%.

I hope you enjoyed this video I shared some my big assignment secrets and I think they are quality I think these secrets could help a lot of people but then again maybe everyone already knows about this an I'm just I'm just like party when you think about it all an assignment is it's just a regurgitation of other people's work thank you for watching my video I'm gonna go now I hope you give this video a like show me you liked my recommendations and subscribe for future content anyway my English.

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