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Google translation

Most of us are familair with Google translate. Google translate is free online translator that can "translate" text, webpages and documents. Online translations are not reliable but they can give you an idea about what the text is saying. According to hw helper any software can't replace the human brain. You will still need a human translator if you want an accurate translation.

Google did a very good job with their new product. Unlike Google translate, this new tool allows human translators to intervene and edit the translation: Google translation toolkit.

According to studydaddy translators need to figure out how they can use this tool and implement this tool into their work. Because a translator knows both languages, he will be able to edit the machine translation for something that makes sense. The software gives a pre-translation. No matter how good technology become,machine translations will never be a substitude for human translators.

With the Google translation toolkit:

- You can upload your document (OpenOffice, RTF, HTML, text, Wikipedia articles and knols). - You can use their WYSIWYG editor to edit the translation. - You can share your translation with your friends, invite them to view or edit your translation. - You can download your translation to your computer in their original format. - You can translate Wikipedia's articles and knol's articles, then publish them back to the sites.

Is google translation accurate?

Because i want to learn a bit of italian at studydaddy service ... but when i typed in goodbye, it said that the italian word for it is addio i thought... thats spanish isnt it? and then i typed it in on google how to say goodbye in italian.... it said a completely different word if it is not accurate then can you send me a link to an accurate translator please if u have one? thanks.

Can somebody translate this to spanish, german, french, and portuguese? Native please! Not google translation!?

" You will be billed in U.S. dollars. Prices shown are provided asconversions and are subject to slight variances due to market fluctuations.1 EUR 1.43907 USD." Thank in advance..

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