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White Marquee Event Hire furnishes customers with innovative solutions for their requirements for presentation, including wide range of show structures, furniture and walling options. However, often there's the need for something more than the standard - something that communicates something and effectively demonstrates your image and abilities.This is the area where our expert handcraft and assembling divisions are moving forward. Planners and inside engineers use the latest technology in assembly and plan programming to create incredible plan concepts. Floorplans and 3D shading renders provide clients with realistic plans that help them plan to make the event a success when the plan is approved, our expert team of business owners will set plans to revive the idea. Utilizing PC compatible assembling methods and high-quality finish of surfaces and a range of realistic materials, we are able to assure that the final product reflects the concept.The ongoing activities include custom showcases that show clinical clients like Molnlycke, iNova Pharmaceutical and Medline wine industry pioneers 3M and clients from the tertiary education area. If you've got a brief idea requirement that is "out out of the box" get in touch with our expert team to review your idea!

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