We made it! $60,000!

Dearest All Square Community;

I have been bracing for this day since August -- projecting that it would be filled with anxiety and pressure as we count down the minutes to reaching our $50,000 funding benchmark. And I can say that for the first time in a long time - I'm the furthest thing from anxious. As we approach $60,000 and the final hours of this Kickstarter journey, I am filled with peace and tranquility about all that All Square is and will be.

With my fianceé, my mom, and my pup to my left, three souls who have kept me afloat the last few months, I'm just sitting at my desk - sipping a steaming hot cup of coffee on a perfectly crisp autumn day. The music is soft, the house is quiet, and the sun is pouring through the windows.

And - due to all of you and your unbelievable generosity - I'm able to spend this day with a sense of total composure. The campaign has been funded (and then some) and rather than racing around the city, making phone calls, sending emails .... I'm staring at the ruby red leaves out the window and contemplating a long jog on a gorgeous October afternoon.

Given the difficulty of the last few days in Indianapolis and the uncertainty about my father's health, I just cannot explain how grateful I am that this day can be so sweet and calm and healing. Thank you all so much... for supporting this effort.

I had a wonderfully engaging interview with a reporter from Austin, Texas this morning (article/video will be out in a few weeks) and the 24 hour match that came in Tuesday generated a total of $6336 (!). And I think I can officially say that this campaign has been a complete success. And, more importantly, the prospect of All Square could not be stronger.

I will continue to update you all about the "next steps" but suffice it to say that the next step is to use this (successful) campaign and the $60,000 it has generated to secure the deeper financing for All Square. As a nonprofit, I plan to spend every moment of these next 3-4 months writing grants - now that I can prove to foundations that there is a collective will and vision behind this social enterprise.

So long as we can get a full build-out of the restaurant and secure 3-6 months of operating cash, we should be able to get the doors open and begin our existence as a self-sustaining gourmet grilled cheese shop.

There's still a long way to go - but I find myself falling back on a message that I wear daily: It always seems impossible until it's done.

Celebrate our Kickstarter Closing Tonight!