We Need Your Small Electronics!

Hello Friends!

As we approach our opening this summer (!!!!) we are entering end-stage fundraising. To that end, we’re re-igniting our partnership with a fantastic organization called Mighty Good Things which converts your unwanted stuff into cash, for both you and us.

Here's the Deal:

1. You give us your unused or unwanted small electronics,

2. Mighty Good Things (a nonprofit) sells them,

3. All Square gets the sale proceeds (!),

4. You get a tax deduction for the value of your stuff!

What Qualifies as Small Electronics?

Just about anything that is small and electronic (wink)! Old or unused phones, iPods, cameras, video game gear, USB storage, keyboards, watches, laptops—you name it.

Have a few things you'd like to send in?!

Great! Here are three ways to move forward:

1. Send in your electroncis directly to Mighty Good Things (free shipping!) by following these simple instructions;


2. Email us and we'll facilitate this for you! info@allsquarempls.com


3. Drop your electronics off at All Square next Thursday and Friday,

May 10th & 11th!

Happy Spring Cleaning! And know how much we appreciate your continued support. We will be sending a construction update (with photos!) on Friday, May 18th!