Monday, July 23rd; 10:53pm

Dear Community,

It’s the Monday night after our first big, BIG event.

My house is an absolute disaster. There are signs, and chords, and flyers everywhere I look. Some sort of rodent got into the outdoor garbage—excited to sample the remnants of our grilled cheese trials Saturday night. And we have absolutely no idea where any of our house keys are after being passed back and forth between at least 15 people who helped us execute on Sunday (for those of you who don’t know, All Square is exactly 1 block from my home—perfect! Or not…..?!).

My fiancée escaped up North to recover from 12 hours of sandwich assembly and days—DAYS—of physical labor. (It’s OK; she’s a Board member….haha)

The weekend was nuts; our home is in disarray; and all I can do is smile.

After spending the day moving on to the next hosts of tasks necessary to launch our restaurant and institute on September 8th—I caught myself just wanting to take the rest of the night to write all of you. For some reason, not one thing in this moment matters more than sharing my thoughts, feelings, and gratitude with the community who helped us create All Square.

First of all, let me throw out that we sold nearly 600 (!) grilled cheese yesterday—a number I can hardly even comprehend! And though we really needed these sales financially, as we prepare to onboard our Institute Director and first cohort, it’s really not the capital that I’m most exited about. It’s the energy, the warmth, and the absolute thrill that unfolded yesterday.

I thought my heart was actually going to explode with pride, with joy, as crowds began to appear at 4047 Minnehaha. It’s one thing to build this “thing” that you trust is going to manifest successfully. Yet… to see it actually come to life? To exchange handshakes, and hugs, and smiles with so, so, so many people: friends, neighbors, supporters, strangers (smiling). There, frankly, are not words for the absolute happiness I experienced throughout the course of the entire day.

My brother-in-law was our chef for the day and he absolutely killed it! My sister was right by his side; the perfect team. We had volunteers from every chapter of my life there; our Board was in full effect, our Chief Technology Officer was double-fisting our cash register and sauce/dip operation; our Development Manager was (literally) running sandwiches, Solero bars, and hoards of chips to our tent. One of my dearest friends was interfacing between the chef’s station and the customers—getting everyone their sandwiches: service with a smile!

Of course, we’ll SOON have a team, a class, to execute these events. But to have so many of our people, our community, make this day—this event—happen? And to make it happen so successfully, so gracefully and enthusiastically? I’m. So. Grateful.