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A movement to transform the law with those most impacted by it.

Our team, scholars, & partners, captured by Youth Lens 360.

The Legal Revolution

is a movement to structurally transform the legal discipline through a series of initiatives that center racial equity, wellness, and the expertise of those most impacted by the law.



Putting the keys to the law in the hands of those most impacted by it.

The Prison-to-Law Pipeline is facilitating ABA-accredited law degrees and ABA-approved paralegal degrees for incarcerated & formerly incarcerated legal scholars.


Nobody warrants access to legal education more than someone who has been directly impacted by legal processes and racialized legal outcomes. Though paralegal programs and law libraries are prevalent in most prisons across America, ABA-approved paralegal degrees are not, and, to our knowledge, there has never been an ABA-accredited law degree offered behind bars in the United States. The Legal Revolution is addressing this deficit. 

The First Cohort

2 Juris Doctorate Scholars

5 Paralegal Scholars

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Help Us Make It Happen

We are turning to attorneys, law firms, financial institutions, professional athletes, corporations, and community members across the country to help us fund this groundbreaking movement. 

Maureen Onyelobi, the country's first incarcerated law student.

Photo by Emily Baxter of We Are All Criminals.

Full Feature: The Legal Revolution

Video by Youth Lens 360.



Ensuring that those impacted by the law become integral practitioners of the law.

Phase I:

The firm is a training ground for currently and formerly incarcerated scholars and legal practitioners, leveraging innovative ways for those with lived experience to engage in legal work with or without professional licensure.

Phase II:

The firm will also be involved in select impact litigation related to the harms created by the criminal legal system.

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Paralegal, Moseka Nhya, and Legal Assistant, Owen Jackson, at the Law Firm's Open House May 2023.

Photo by Fong Lee.



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Kevin Reese (Until We Are All Free) and Jon Geffen (Legal Revolution Senior Attorney) engaged in a working session..

Photo by Emily Baxter of We Are All Criminals.


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