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Stories of Success


Our law firm provides externships to currently incarcerated paralegal & law students and provides civil legal services to formerly and currently incarcerated people to eliminate the collateral effects of mass incarceration. 



Externships provided to Incarcerated Scholars


Justice-Impacted Clients


Criminal Records Expunged


It was alleged that T.M.’s vehicle was involved in an incident where the driver allegedly fled the police.  T.M. was not the driver of the vehicle, but local law enforcement seized his vehicle and sought to take ownership under Minnesota’s civil forfeiture law.  After reviewing the case, the county prosecutor declined to prosecute the matter, but law enforcement did not return the vehicle to the client.  After numerous interventions by the firm, law enforcement agreed to return the vehicle, but sought over $2,000 in storage and processing charges.  The client paid over $2,500 for the return of his vehicle.  The Firm initiated litigation against the law enforcement agency, who subsequently refunded the client in full.


When T.P. was eighteen years old, he was cited for possessing marijuana in his vehicle.  When the client was twenty years old, he was working as a cook when he was abruptly terminated from his position.  The sole reason for his termination was the existence of the marijuana matter on his record.  The Firm represented T.P. and successfully petitioned the court for an expungement.  T.P. is doing well and has stable work again as a cook.


At 70 years old, M.J. applied for a job at the Minnesota State Fair to earn some extra money. Despite the passage of nearly 30 years, M.J.’s criminal convictions from the 1990’s came up on a background check. As an active church member and great-grandmother years removed from any crimes, M.J. was saddened and embarrassed to find that her past misdeeds remained an obstacle in her life.  M.J. sought the Firm’s help in sealing these convictions. The Firm successfully petitioned for expungements for all six convictions. M.J. is extremely appreciative of the Firm’s advocacy.


At the young age of 15, a family member provided S.R. with prescription painkillers to sedate and sexually abuse her.   She became addicted to the drugs and used them to self-medicate into adulthood.  Her addiction led to drafting fake prescriptions to obtain pills from the pharmacy. S.R. was arrested multiple times for desperately trying to maintain an addiction that was forced upon her as a child. Now, S.R. is in long-term recovery, but her crimes associated with her addiction were preventing her from living a full and complete life.  The Firm successfully sealed eight of S.R.’s conviction records, allowing her to pursue a career as a paramedic.


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